Palm Tree Kids Snack

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palm tree kids snack

Looking for a healthy and FUN snack to give your kiddos!? They will Flip over this super fun (and Delicious) Palm Tree Kids Snack! Perfect for after school, after dinner or anytime! See your kids gobble up there fruits with this fun and unique palm tree kids snack!

Here’s what you will need for your palm tree kids snack:

1) Green Apples Sliced
2) Banana’s sliced
3) Mandarine oranges (or cuties) pealed
4) Mango – cut a wedge and some small strips

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1) Arrange your banana’s to create a trunk (try to make it a little bent to give the illusion of a palm tree)

2) Place the sliced green apples at top (like in picture) to give the look of a palm tree. 4 apple slices works best!

3) Use lots of your oranges at the bottom of the plate!

4) Make it even more special by making a SUN out of Mango! Not necessary but a nice touch!

Now who wouldn’t LOVE this special (and easy to make) palm tree kids snack! Make this up for your kids and see their faces light up with delight!

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(Special Thanks to my buddy Kristy B. for sending me this picture! 😀 )

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Lauri April 14, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Great Idea!


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