Savvy Shopper Apps: Top Five Smart Phone Shopping Apps

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Top Five Smart Phone Shopping Apps

Top Five Smart Phone Shopping Apps

We all know that smartphones make our lives easier. After all, they are equipped with cameras, text messaging, and all sorts of apps that we can access with a push of a button. But did you know smartphones can also make our shopping experiences better too? There are several hot shopping apps right now available for smart phones that no savvy shopper should be without. These apps can save you not only money, but time since they take all of the guess work and price searching out of the equation for you. If you are looking to download some apps to help make you a more savvy shopper, take a look below at the top five shopping apps trending right now!

You will see that all of these apps are free, quick to download, and can net you some serious savings!

Top Five Smart Phone Shopping Apps:

1. Ibotta
Price: FREE
Available for: iPhone, Android
Ibotta is an app for smartphones that contains many different money saving offers for popular products. You can learn facts, watch videos and take one question surveys before purchasing a product to earn cash. Once you have purchased the product, you simply take a picture of your receipt showing your purchase of the item. Ibotta allows you to earn up to $40 cash per shopping trip. Once you’ve redeemed offers totaling $5 or more, Ibotta lets you transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account.  How easy is that? You are getting paid to shop at retailers such as Walgreens, Target, and more! Plus right now they are offering a $2 Bonus to new customers, so hurry and sign up HERE!

2. Checkout 51 
Price: FREE
Checkout 51 is a mobile savings app that helps shoppers save money offering cash back when you purchase select grocery items. The Checkout 51 app is free to download and is available on both iTunes and Google Play. Users can browse through the current offers, and choose the ones they like. Once you purchase the item in the offer, simply upload your receipt and get cash back! can submit receipts from any store! Checkout 51 accepts receipts from any grocery store, drugstore, superstore or warehouse club. In fact, Checkout 51 even accepts receipts from online retailers!

3. Snap by Groupon
Price: FREE
Available for: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows
Snap by Groupon partners directly with top brands to bring you cash-back offers on the products you need and love, from fruits and vegetables to beauty supplies and household cleaners. Offers work for any stores. Snap is like having grocery coupons on your mobile phone, but even better. Our offers work at any store, and you never have to hassle with clipping or redeeming paper coupons.

4. Target Cartwheel 
Price: FREE
Available for:  iPhone and Android
Target Cartwheel was made for mobile, but you don’t have to have a smart phone to access the savings. You can browse through and add offers to your unique bar code online as well. This app allows you to save up to 75% without clipping coupons. You can use Target Cartwheel, Target Coupons AND Manufacturer’s coupon on the same item! WOW! Great way to save BIG! See video on how to use the Target Cartwheel below. If you can’t see video, go here to watch it!

5. Jingit! 
Price: FREE
Available for: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Jingit allows you to earn cash online and on-the-go in participating stores like Walmart or Target. On the Jingit website, you can earn cash just by watching ads online or filling out surveys. With their app, you can also get paid by checking in at your local participating stores and scanning select products. When you scan a product, you’ll have to watch a short video, but you’ll earn cash instantly. Jingit also provides personalized cash-back offers for specific products when you log on to the app. You need to purchase these products within a certain time frame to get cash back. When you reserve the offers you want, Jingit will create your shopping list for you. Then just upload your receipt via the mobile app to redeem your offers.

Join the millions of others who are already enjoying these money saving apps on their phones right now! They are free, easy to use, and can start saving you money the instant you download them! So happy shopping!

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Enza Ketcham April 20, 2013 at 7:20 pm

I definitely agree with your number 1! I have a few others I use too! Going to give these a try!


Rebecca Beatty February 6, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Just downloaded all of these ;)!!!


Super Coupon Lady February 6, 2014 at 5:48 pm

Great! Hope it helps you lots! 🙂


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