Swagbucks: Earn Gift Cards, Rewards & More! (Earn Gift Cards for Christmas!)

by Super Coupon Lady on August 26, 2011 · 1 comment


Want an easy way to earn FREE Gift Cards, Prizes + MORE!? If so you will want to join Swagbucks! Right now when you sign up HERE to start with 30 FREE Swagbucks!

GREAT NEWS:  Now Swagbucks just changed their policy they are now allowing more than one Swagbucks account per household! So make sure to invite your family to each have their own Swagbucks account!  This means more opportunity to earn Free Gift Cards!

For Example:  A $5 Amazon.com gift card is only $450 Swagbucks! I have received several amazon gift cards! These are great to start earning and saving to use for Christmas Gifts!


Search the Internet:  Use the Swagbucks toolbar or home page to search the internet, instead of using Google, Yahoo.  Swagbucks randomly rewards you with Swagbucks for searching. You can win multiple times per day, so the more you search the more chances you have to win.

Mega Swag Bucks Friday:  On Fridays, Swag Bucks gives away over 400,000 Swagbucks!  You could even win 2000 at one time for searching the internet the SwagBucks search engine!

Watch Videos:  Watch short videos and possibly get awarded Swagbucks.

Voting in Daily Polls:  Participate in daily polls and you will win 1 swagbuck automatically!

Taking Surveys:  Each survey you participate in has a different Swagbucks reward.  You get 1 Swagbuck per day just for heading over to the Survey Page.

Finding Swag Codes: Swagcodes can appear any time and can be found on the Swagbucks blog, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, Flickr page, affiliated partner sites and Widget! Swagbucks randomly releases codes that are good for a set amount of time.  Swag Codes can be redeemed by entering the codes into the Swag Codes box on your My Account page.

On Your Birthday:  Make sure to enter you Birthday in your account details, on your big day you will be rewarded with 50 Swagbucks!

Prizes You Can Earn:

My Favorite prize to redeem with my Swagbucks is the $5 Amazon Gift Card!  Once you have 450 Swagbucks, you can redeem a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card.  These are great because you can use more than one in a transaction on Amazon!

Another prize I like is the $10 Starbucks Gift Card! This one can be redeemed when you have 1300 Swagbucks and they will even Mail it to you! So you can grab these for gifts!

They recently added a bunch of new Gift cards for O’Charley’s, Fandango, Home Depot, CVS and more!

Honestly, I was skeptical and didn’t understand when I first started! But once I signed up and started searching the internet using the Swagbucks Search Engine (instead of Google or Yahoo) and started racking up Swagbucks and earning prizes, I was hooked!  I’ve been using if for a year and a half and have earned 25 prizes!

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Marisa Lacampagne March 19, 2013 at 12:44 am

Do you have to sign up for GlobalTestMarket as well? Is that the same thing as Swagbucks? I signed up for Swagbucks and it took me to the GlobalTestMarket page to sign up again.


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