10 Uses for Mayo

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10 Uses for Mayo

Mayo is great for sandwiches, chicken and egg salad and lots of other great recipes! But did you know that there’s more to mayo than meets the eye. You will love and be a little surprised by these 10 Uses for Mayo!

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10 Uses for Mayo:

1) Get Crayon off Walls: Does your little Picasso sometimes get carried away and write on the wall? Slather on that Mayo, wait a few minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth! Good as new and won’t hurt your paint!

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2) Get Ring off Finger: Ever get a ring stuck on your finger?! Do your fingers swell?! Well slather on the Mayo and it will slide right off!

3) Clean Stainless Steel: One thing I hate is getting fingerprints off stainless steel appliances! I found a great tip – Mayo! Use mayo on a cloth and wipe onto stainless steel appliances (fridge, stove – make sure it’s not hot, dishwasher, etc), then use a clean slightly wet cloth to wipe mayo off – no more finger prints!

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4) Quiet a squeaky door – Run out of WD-40 and that squeaky door is driving you crazy?! Dab some mayo on that squeaky hinge, open and close door a few times until you no longer hear squeak! Make sure to wipe away any mayo still left.

5) Remove stickers residue: Don’t you hate when you buy new glasses, plates, bumper stickers, etc and you take off stickers but there’s still that sticky residue that refuses to come off?! Just put some mayo on the sticky residue for a few minute then wipe off and then clean! Quick, easy and no scrubbing required!

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6) Remove water rings from wooden furniture: Did someone forget to use a coaster and it left a nasty water ring on your beautiful coffee table? No worries! Cover water ring with mayo and leave on for about 10 minutes, then using a clean cloth buff out the water ring. Then clean! (You may want to test on your furniture first like on the underside of the table)

7) Deep Condition Your Hair: I LOVE using Mayo for this! Wash your hair, while hair is still wet, liberally apply Mayo and cover hair with saran wrap or plastic bag. Leave on for about 30 – 45 minutes, then wash again (only use a little bit of shampoo) and you will have beautiful, soft hair! (Note: I do not recommend doing this more than once a month)

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8) Clean White Piano Keys: Are you piano keys starting to look yellow?! Use a lightly damp cloth and some mayo and rub each of the white keys, you will be surprised at how white they become.

9) Facial Cleaner: Use Mayo just like you would soap, apply to face and rub on and remove with warm water. Your face will be super soft!

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10) Get Gum out of

Hair: Let’s admit it, we’ve all heard of using peanut butter to remove gum BUT did you know that mayo works even better! Take a glob of mayo and rub into hair with the gum in it, gently work out the gum. Whew! Aren’t you glad that didn’t require a trip to the hairdresser?!

Let us know what’s your favorite use of Mayo?! Do you have another way to use Mayo? Let us know about it, leave a comment below!

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