101 Date Night on a Dime Ideas

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Everyone knows that regular date nights with your spouse can lead to a happier, healthier marriage! Everyone also knows that a regular date night can be down right expensive, and in that case, add stress to the marriage! So how do you find a happy medium? Date nights are important since they encourage alone time, time for conversation and reflection, and just the chance to unwind and have fun with the person you fell in love with so long ago. But you don’t want to add stress to your budget by doing this, so finding ways to enjoy date night on a dime is necessary.

Take a peek at this plethora of ways that you can enjoy a date on a dime. In this case, being a cheap date is a great thing!

1.Play board games
2. Buy a cheap canvases and paint portraits of each other
3. Build a fort out of sheets just like you did as kids
4. Bake cookies
5. Do a puzzle together
6. Make paper airplanes and race them
7. Visit the art museum on their free day
8. Go to an improv comedy show on a 2 for 1 night (check Groupon and Living Social)
9. Visit an aquarium
10. Go to a local high school sporting event
11. Visit the Zoo
12. Ride go-carts at a raceway
13. Visit your state’s science center
14. Test-drive cars you have no intention of buying
15. Go see lights at Christmas time
16. Watch a local band’s show (often free)
17. Go out for a milkshake with two straws
18. Look at the constellations on a blanket
19. Watch the airplanes take off at night at your local airport
20. Take a city bus together and just cruise the town
21. Enjoy a cup of coffee together
22. Visit your local bookseller and read to each other
23. See a free movie at the local library
24. Blow bubbles
25. Go for a bike ride
26. Hike
27. Enjoy a beach walk after a strong tide. Pick up the treasures you find
28. Watch an old black and white movie
29. Make nachos together
30. Go for a swim, just the two of you
31. Tube a local river
32. Train for a 5k to run or walk together
33. Go camping
34. Rent or borrow a jet ski
35. Set up a tent in the backyard and order takeout
36. Have a campfire with s’mores
37. Go horseback riding
38. Try ice-skating
39. Or roller skating
40. Build a snowman together
41. Go sledding
42. Put on some boots and go country line dancing
43. Pick fruit together at a local farm
44. Learn to skateboard together
45. Learn a new language together
46. Volunteer at a local shelter together
47. Sing together at karaoke
48. Try origami
49. Attend a free cooking demo
50. Test drive a fancy car together
51. Watch the sunset
52. Watch the sunrise
53. Go to a play
54. Give home massages
55. Try a new recipe
56. Play hide and seek
57. Browse a thrift store
58. Play dress up at a fancy clothier
59. Make your own cocktails
60. Plan your dream vacation
61. Just drive and listen to the radio
62. Make your bucket lists
63. Pack a picnic
64. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
65. Visit a local animal shelter and pet the animals
66. Visit a bakery
67. Go to an arcade
68. Read poetry
69. Visit a photo booth
70. Do a free wine tasting
71. Learn a new dance
72. Learn sign language
73. Visit a chocolate shop
74. Go bowling
75. Have breakfast in bed
76. Paint a piece of furniture
77. Rent free cds from the library
78. Attend a free book reading
79. Go to an outdoor concert
80. Find free fireworks
81. Fly kites together
82. Feed ducks at the pond
83. Skip rocks on the lake
84. Watch a magic show
85. Play Putt Putt
86. Visit local gardens
87. Visit local historical sites
88. Visit the driving range
89. Play frisbee
90. Go fishing
91. Play hopscotch
92. Play a card game
93. Visit a brewery
94. Go to the mall and people watch
95. Make ice cream sundaes
96. Build a house out of cards
97. Watch favorite old music videos on YouTube
98. Make a pizza together
99. Complete a home improvement together
100. Take the pets to the local animal park

As you can see there are LOTS of ways to enjoy each others company without taking out a loan to do so! Pick one or pick several, then carve out an hour that you and your sweetheart can spend together to accomplish some of these fun tasks. You will be glad you did! Just remember to relax, have fun, and the rest will come naturally!

Let us know what your favorite Date Night Activities Are?! 

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rita August 27, 2013 at 9:12 pm

Love this ! Always looking for something “different” to do 🙂


Jeannine July 22, 2014 at 3:56 pm

Thanks! These are fun. #101: Go to a bookstore and read favorite childhood stories to each other.


aubrey February 12, 2015 at 1:54 am

i love these ideas! i get weird about the whole money part of dating. thanks for linking up.


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