50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children

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50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children

50 Non-Toy Gifts for Children:

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1) MEMBERSHIPS: A gift to a local science, children’s museum, zoo, art museum or more will be a gift they will be able to use the entire year!

2) PHOTO ALBUM: Put together a collection of favorite pictures – who doesn’t love looking at pictures and reminiscing! You could even do a themed album like: Summer, School Year, Year you were born, Our tip to . . . It will also be so fun for you to put together. This is something they can look at and have forever. My daughter still looks at the one she received when she was one year old! These 4X6 Photo Books are Perfect!

3) SAVINGS ACCOUNT OR BONDS: Money is a good gift but get spent and that’s it! Saving Account or Bonds is something they can actually have for a long time. Plus, you can add to it each year and helps to teach kids fiscal responsibility!

4) SUBSCRIPTIONS: What kid wouldn’t love to receive their favorite magazine each month OR a special something in the mail – just for them each month for their birthday year!

* Magazines – National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids, American Girl Magazine, Highlights For Children, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED KIDS Magazine
* Hair Tie Subscription Box – your little girl will get a fun box of new hair ties each month, new colors and styles in a gift box – who wouldn’t love getting a gift just for them each month!

5) BOOKS – Books are always a great gift! You can stick with some of the classics like: The Little House on the Prairie, The Hardy BoysOR see lots of Books sorted by age on Amazon! Also, Audible is perfect for kids who like to Listen to Stories!!

6) CLASSES – Do you know a child that likes to Dance, Play an Instrument, wishes to learn a new language, draw or paint – enroll them in a class that will foster the things they love!

7) CLOTHES – Children grow like weeds! Seriously, I think they might grow faster than weeds! Grab them some clothes! I also find great clothes at great prices at FabKids, Zulily, Tea Collection, Kohl’s, H&M

8) SHOES – You wouldn’t believe how much kids like to receive shoes! Grab them a new pair of sneakers, dress up shoes or slippers! Plus think outside the box and grab them some Heelys (sneakers and skates in one – O Ya! These are coo1 – see video!)!

9) VACATION – Why not incorporate your vacation into a gift! Go somewhere that would interest them and make it a surprise! I know you’ve all seen those surprise Disney vacation videos, so let you imagination run wild and plan a fun trip as a gift! Make sure to check out Travel Zoo for some discounts and inexpensive ideas!

10) RESTAURANT/DATE NIGHT – Make a Date Night Gift!! Spending some quality time is one of the best gifts of all! So plan a special night where your child will have your undivided attention. Go to dinner together and talk, talk, talk! Make sure to check out Restaurant.com for inexpensive Gift Cards to local restaurants – you can even just show it on your phone or print it out for your date!

11) MOVIE TICKETS – YAY!! I know my kiddos love to go to the movies (but it’s so expensive!), so grab a pack of movie tickets that they can use when their favorite movie comes out!

12) GARDENING SUPPLIES – Does your child have a green thumb?! Grab them some great gardening supplies and them have at it!
* Kids garden Tool set with Tote
* Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit
* Garden Root Viewer
* Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

13) BAKING SUPPLIES – Do you know a little chef?! Help foster their love of cooking with Baking Supplies! Grab them some pans, mixes, measuring cups, Cake Decorating Set and more! If they’d rather try to bake on their own grab them an Easy Bake Oven and Supplies!

14) MUSIC – Music is alway a favorite, especially if you have a tween or tween you are getting a gift for! Kids can always put music from iTunes on their devices!

15) ART – Art is appreciate by all ages! Get them a nice piece of art from a local artist or frame a poster of famous art like Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock Silver on Black,

16) TICKETS TO THE PERFORMING ARTS – Exposing kids to theater, dance, music and other forms of art can be a rewarding experience they won’t soon forget! Make sure to checkout Groupon and Living Social for discounts on tickets!

17) WOOD WORKING SUPPLIES – It’s so fun to actually Make something, if you know a kid that loves to make things and tinker then they will love receiving wood working supplies! I found this great woodcarving set that is great for beginners!

18) JEWELRY – Jewelry is always a great gift! This includes necklaces, earring and bracelets!

19) MANICURE SUPPLIES – It’s always fun to have a Spa at home and do manicures and pedicure! So why not give them a gift that they will enjoy by themselves and with friends! Who knows, you might even get a mani/pedi too!

  • Younger Children will enjoy the Creativity for Kids My First Manicure and Pedicure Set!
  • Older Children will love getting sparkly or wild color nail polish, nail files and more to create their own at home spa! Julep has some great options and if you don’t live close enough to give the gift in person, you can always send it!

20) ELECTRONICS – Seriously, what kid wouldn’t LOVE to receive any type of electronics!!

21) PUZZLES – I remember spending days doing puzzles, it seemed we always had one going on a table in the living room. A child may not ever think to ask for a puzzle, but they will so enjoy the process of working on one and the joy of completing it!!

22) MONEY – This gift actually works for anyone but Kids really love it! This means they can get any item they want or save for later! You can’t go wrong with the gift of money!

23) SPA DAY – Spas at home are great but going to a Spa can be an extra exciting experience! Plus it’s one you get to enjoy with your child! So plan a Spa Day – get a manicure or a pedicure! I told my daughter we were going to go to a real spa and she wanted a massage!!! Who would have thought! She LOVED it, I stayed in there with her and they just did it for about 15 minutes (she was 6) but she still talks about that experience!

24) TEA PARTY – Set us a special day where you decorate and have a tea party at home or go to a tea room. You can even pretend you are British and speak with an accent! That’s always fun! Make sure to serve tea, crumpets, tiny sandwiches and, of course, dessert!!

25) CANDY – You know the saying, “Like a Kid in a Candy Store!” Kids big puffy heart love candy! So why not fill a bag with some of their favorite treats! You may want to throw in a few classic candies that they may have never tried like: Candy Buttons, WarHead Sour Candy, Pop Rocks, Now and Later Candy, and so many more (Let us know others you think of in comments below!)!!!

26) BOWLING – Kids love to Bowl. It provides us with a fun family activity at a great price!

27) FISHING POLE – Give them a fishing pole, a gift you could enjoy with them!

28) BEDROOM MAKEOVER – This gift would be especially great for a tween or teen! Imagine their surprise when they came home to a bedroom all made over just for them! Make sure to use vibrant colors (especially ones that are their favorites)! You can even just redecorate by changing their bedding and adding framed pictures. See more ideas on my tween/teen bedroom makeover board on Pinterest.

29) STATIONARY – Writing letters is a lost art! Give them the love of paper! You can even get it personalized with their name or monogram on the stationary from York Photo!

30) DRESS UP COSTUMES – Kids love to dress up and play pretend! Boys and girls love to dress up! Disney Frozen Costume are always hugely popular as well as super hero costumes!

31) COLLEGE FUND – They may not appreciate it now, but they will later! Donate to their college fund! You can do this by contributing to the child’s 529 College Savings Plans!

32) SPORTS EQUIPMENT – Do the child you are buying a gift for play sports?! I’m sure they would love to get some equipment for their sport – those can be very expensive! If they don’t play a particular sport you can always grab them a game any person would love! A few ideas: Ladderball Game, Corn Hole, Badminton or even a big bouncy ball!

33) GIFT CARDS – As kids get older they love going shopping and picking out toys, clothes, music or books that suit their individual personality! If you want to send an electronic gift card, Amazon Gift Cards are always a great choice!

34) CALENDAR – You can make a custom calendar with photos to remind them of special times together! Each month of the year they can see great pictures that you choose! Plus you can add special dates – like birthdays, etc on their for them to remember! FUN!

35) HAIR ACCESSORIES -Girls love to fix their hair with pretty Hair Ties and barrettes! Grab a few of these goodies along with special brush.

36) A STAR – Buy and name a star for any occasion! This is especially precious and they will treasure this there entire life.

37) A DONATION TO THEIR FAVORITE CHARITY – This is not only a great non-toy gift but a great learning experience for your children to learn about the importance of giving to others.

38) A DAY AT A THEME PARK – A day at a theme park is a awesome way to have a lot of fun with your children and create lifelong memories, I still remember vividly my parents taking me to theme parks as a child and not leaving until the place closed, yes we shut it down lol!!

39) LUGGAGE SET – I never thought of this gift until we went on a vacation together with another family and my daughter noticed her friends super cool Hello Kitty luggage, so I kept that in the memory bank and surprised my daughter for her birthday with luggage!!

40) A TREE – The reason a tree is one of the most awesome non-toy gifts, you can plant it together, it helps the earth, and hopefully the tree will be there for years to come. I remember when I was in elementary school my class planted a tree at school many decades ago (not trying to give away my age here) and now when I go back home to visit, I ride by that tree and think to myself about when I helped plant that tree.

41) FLOWERS – We never think about getting children flowers, but they love to receive them as much as we do! This can be super inexpensive too. Just pick a pretty arrangement and wrap in tissue paper with a ribbon. This gift will get you a big smile!

42) WATCH -Boys and Girls both love to wear WATCHES!!!

43) A PLAY DATE – Arrange a fun playdate with one of a few of their friends. You can even make cupcakes or a special snack to celebrate!

44) WATER BOTTLE – My kids cannot live with out their water bottle, so one day I got them these cool personalized water bottles, and they thought that this was the most awesome gift.

45) BACKPACK – Kids love backpacks not just for school but for sleepovers and vacations! Tons to choose from for toddlers all the way to college age kids!

46) WALLET/PURSE – Nothing makes a kid feel more independent than their own wallet or purse, being able to carry their own money and personal things makes them feel like a big kid.

47) CAMPING TRIP or CAMPING SUPPLIES – Some of the most memorable trips that I have gone are family camping trips, we love to have a camp fire, roast hot dogs and s’mores, and we also bring our fishing poles, the kids love the excitement of possibly landing a big fish or a small one for that matter, after the day is done all pile up in our gigantic tent and tell the kids stories until they fall asleep.

48) NETFLIX – We love our Netflix, every Friday is movie night on Netflix!!

49) MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – If you know they play a certain instrument then you know which one to get them. Otherwise, kids love to play with Bongos, Ukulele, Harmonica! I wouldn’t recommend getting drums or another loud instrument without speaking to the parents first!

50) PERSONALIZED PILLOW CASE – Make them a custom pillowcase, I like to use InkGarden! You can even add their picture or use their clip art and make sure to add their name! There’s nothing as personal as a customized gift!

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Do you have other great non-toy gift ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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Melanie R. October 3, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Awesome ideas… My daughter has way too many toys and I just told my hubby the other day I need to come up with ideas for Christmas I won’t be getting her toys at all. Love your ideas, she loves Netflix on her iPad, think that will be a great idea and a few others I’ll add to my list, too. Thanks for sharing


Super Coupon Lady October 4, 2014 at 10:51 am

Congrats Melanie! You won an Amazon Gift CARD!!! Please contact me within 24 hours to claim your prize!


Jennifer Hendrickson October 3, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Super neat list!!!


Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) October 3, 2014 at 2:59 pm

These are great gift ideas. For my daughter’s 1st birthday my mom bought Jasmine 1 Disney stock and had it framed up really nicely.


Lisa October 3, 2014 at 5:50 pm

What a great list! My boys are tapped out for toys so some of these will be perfect for the upcoming holidays:)


Janel October 3, 2014 at 7:38 pm

This is an awesome list! I always as the grandparents to give their grandkids a membership – like the zoo or children’s museum. My boys also get socks, pjs and underwear every Christmas.


Jennifer Hendrickson October 6, 2014 at 12:08 pm

I love these… had to come back and read them twice


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