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I was in the grocery store a few weeks ago shopping for chicken, and found an amazing deal on drumsticks. So thinking to myself that drumsticks are my daughter’s favorite, I was quick to snatch up a pack of twelve. Although I didn’t have a recipe in mind, I simply just couldn’t pass up a great deal, and you know I am all about a great deal!!

So as I got home, first thing I did after putting all the groceries up was whip out the old computer and search for drumstick recipes. There were so many delicious recipes out there, but I realized I had a ton of work to do, and didn’t have the time to stand over the stove, so I narrowed my search down to Crockpot recipes and this one Crockpot Root Beer Chicken recipe really stood out to me.

At first I thought what a strange combination, but as I became more curious and read over the recipe, I just had to try it. As I started to prepare the root beer chicken recipe, I started praying to God that my kids would like this recipe, I have to admit there is always a little anxiety that comes over me when I try a new recipe in our house that is not tried and true.

As I got everything into the Crockpot and I started back to work, a few hours had past and the aroma from the Crockpot was smelling amazing. The kids got home from school and finally it was dinner time!!! We set the table and now it was time to meet my toughest critics, my children.

They began to eat and all of sudden I heard the most amazing sentence come out of my daughter’s mouth “mom this Crockpot Root Beer Chicken recipe is so delicious,” and so I exhaled, did a little happy dance, and thought to myself how this will be added to our household recipe list!!! It should be on everyone’s recipe list for 3 reasons, 1 the children love it, 2 it’s so easy to make, and 3 it was relatively inexpensive!!!

See video of this recipe above, if you can’t see video go HERE to watch!



3 ¼ to 4 lbs. Chicken Drumsticks (about 12)
¼ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
1 C. Regular Root Beer
1 C. Ketchup
1/2 of juice from a fresh lemon
2 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce
¼ C. minced fresh onion

Sesame seeds


1) Spray the inside of the crock of a slow cooker

2) Remove the skin from the chicken drumsticks.

3) Sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper, and put in crockpot

4) Put the root beer, ketchup, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, onion and garlic in crockpot

5) Mix up with the chicken

6) Turn the slow cooker on LOW and cook for 6 hour.

7) Serve chicken with a little sauce spooned over top.

8) Sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, if desired.

ENJOY!! Let us know if you’re family loves this dish as much as my family does!

RECIPE adapted from Comfortably Domestic

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Sandy Terro December 8, 2017 at 12:36 pm

That looks yumm


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