Meaningful Memorial Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with Your Child!

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Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Many children know very little about Memorial Day, except for the fact that they get a day off of school and can usually enjoy a fun cookout or two. But as you know, it is important for them to learn about this American holiday and to know why we celebrate it every year. You can keep Memorial Day a family friendly topic that is easy for kids to understand, by just explaining that it is a day we honor everyone who has kept our country safe. There are a number of activities you can enjoy as a family to celebrate this Memorial Day, and neither of them is time or cost consuming. Below, the homework has been done for you and you can find 10 ways to celebrate Memorial Day with your child!

You don’t need to go overboard to celebrate this holiday and help them understand the true meaning. Just pick a few of these ideas and give them a try.

10 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with Your Child:

1. Go to your local cemetery and decorate the graves of family members, especially those who served our country. Show them the different symbols marking the graves of service men and women and explain what an honor this is.

2. Fly your flag high. Display the U.S. flag outside your house where everyone can see it and teach kids the ways to respect the flag. For example, do not let it drag on the ground, and replace your flag when it becomes weathered.

3. Find out about Memorial Day events in your city. Participate in community events that honor service men and women such as local breakfasts, ceremonies, and gatherings. There may be a variety of kid friendly events so be sure to consult your local city offices.

4. Bring donations to your local veteran’s hospital. They can always use cards, books, musical cd’s for patients, and other toiletries and activity items that make them feel more at home. Chances are your hospital will have a list of items they can use. Make sure to check out our Shop for Free List for items you can get for free to donate.

5. Enjoy one of the many children’s Memorial Day books together as a family. The Wall by Eve Bunting is a wonderful story that can teach children more about this holiday.

6. Make a patriotic themed craft and talk with your kids about Memorial Day as you do it. This can include making your own finger paint flags or tissue paper flowers in red, white and blue.

7. Wear patriotic colors. Talk about the importance of these colors and how they represent our country.

8.  Take a moment of silence as a family to remember all of those who have served our country. Invite children to say a few words, read a poem, or say what they appreciate about those who have served.

9. Attend a Memorial Day parade.

10. Teach your kids to place their right hands over their hearts when they see the flag go by and explain why we always stand and clap for our veterans.

This year, make Memorial Day about more than just a day off of school and cookouts. Instead, go the extra mile and give some of these family fun activities a try. They are all meaningful ways to teach your children about this holiday and honor those who have given service to our country!

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