New to Couponing?!

by Super Coupon Lady



Welcome! If you are new to couponing or have been couponing for years, you are in the right place!  Here on Super Coupon Lady we are passionate about coupons and getting great deals!  I’m sure after seeing Extreme Couponing on TLC, you want to know, “How do they do that?!”  First note, that not everyone who coupons is Extreme.  My goal is to save at least 40-50% at the grocery store and this is something that you can accomplish.  Below, I’ve created a Couponing Guide that I think will be useful to Everyone!  If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below!   We are ALL here to help each other!  :-D COUPONING GUIDE:

Buy Items on Sale and Stock up:

The art of couponing is to match store sales with coupons and stock up! Most stores follow a six week cycle for sale items.  That means items that are on sale this week, will usually not be on sale for another six weeks! You will want to buy these items when they are on Super Sale using your coupons and buy as much as you need for a six week period.

For example, if you buy Cheerios each week for $4 a box, over a six week period you are spending $24! However, if you buy them on (6) boxes when they are on sale (and you use your coupons) and only spend about $1 a box, you will only spend $6 for (6) boxes of cereal! That will save you $18!

Stacking Coupons:

As I stated before, you want to buy an items when they’re on sale and use coupons! One of the BEST things is that most stores have “Store” Coupons!  These are coupons that do Not say Manufacturer’s on them, but say the Name of that Store.  You can usually find these in the Store, in the Sunday Paper, Signing up for Store Shopper’s Cards or email updates and online!  You can use a Store Coupon and Manufacturer’s Coupon on One item!

For example, let say Cheerios are on sale for $2.50/box.  You have a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off Cheerios and a Store Coupon for $1.00 off Cheerios.  Use both of the coupons on one box of Cheerios and you will score a box for only $0.50!

Buying BOGO items (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE):

If a store is having a BOGO (buy 1 get 1 FREE) sale, you can buy (2) of the items and use (2) manufacturer’s coupons + (2) store coupons!  For example, let’s say Secret Deodorant is on sale BOGO (buy 1 get 1 FREE) for $2.00.  You have (2) manufacturer’s coupons for  $0.50 off Secret Deodorant and (2) store coupons for $0.50 off Secret Deodorant, use ALL the coupons to get (2) Secret Deodorants for FREE!

Where to Find Coupons:

  • Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts ““ You can get an early preview of Coupons that will be available in each Sunday’s Paper HERE!  I recommend getting at lease 4 copies of the inserts in each Sunday’s Paper.  This way you can “Stock Up” on an item when it’s on sale!
  • Internet ““ Here are some of my favorites:  Coupons.comRed PlumSmart SourceFree Coupon Alerts and Cool Savings!
  • Signing up for Newsletters – Vocalpoint (receive exclusive Proctor and Gamble coupons, samples, newsletters and discounts); ReadySetEat (get coupons and savings based on your local grocery stores)
  • Magazines: All You Magazine is my favorite! It is always Full of Coupons!  You can purchase it at Walmart or by subscription! If you have a subscription, you get the issue before it hits newsstands! Check all your magazines, you never know what coupons you may find!
  • Shopper’s Savings Cards – You can load coupons to your shopper’s cards through CellfireUPromiseshortcuts and P&G!
  • Inside Products – Inside box or on the box of products you purchase
  • Store Weekly Ad or In-store ““ Be on the lookout in stores for Blinkie or Tear pads (coupons from small machine that spits out coupons usually near the product or you tear off), Peelie (these are sometimes found on products you buy), Catalina (coupon on back of your receipts), Coupon Booklets (booklets of coupons found in various places around your store).

Coupon Terms (aka LINGO):

Couponing has it’s own language! I would recommend you become familiar with all the terms and abbreviations associated with using coupons.  You can see a full list HERE!

Collect and Organize Your Coupons:

  • Build up your Supply of Coupons! Buy multiples (or get from friends/family/neighbors) of Sunday Paper for the inserts! I recommend getting at least four.  Search coupon internet sites for Coupons, check out these sites: Coupons.comRed PlumSmart SourceFree Coupon Alerts and Cool Savings! You can also buy coupons from sites like  Insert Insanity!
  • Organize your Coupons!  Go HERE to see various way to organize your coupons!


Overage is great, wonderful, awesome!  Pay close attention, because this will save you Lots! What you are doing is Buying items and using the excess money from the coupon to pay for additional items!

For example: Let’s say a jar of Mayo is on sale for $1 and you have a Mayo coupon for $2 off = Overage! Most stores will not give you cash back, but you can use the overage to apply to the other items in your cart that you are purchasing.  A dollar may not see like much, but if you have 4 Mayo coupons that’s $4 in Overage (a FREE gallon of Milk)!

Another example: Let’s say CVS is having a sale in which you earn $5 Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) if you buy 4 Pampers Products. The least expensive Pampers product is the small packs of wipes on sale for $2 which you can get for Free by stacking a $1 off Pampers Manufacturer’s coupon + $1 off Pampers CVS Store Coupon. You buy (4) Wipes and use (4) of the $1 off Manufacture’s Coupons + (4) of the $1 off Store coupons.  You would end up getting (4) packs of Pampers Wipes for FREE and $5 ECBs to use like cash on your next purchase! This is a great way to Make Money Shopping!

Getting Started:

  • Pick one or two stores and learn as much as you can about each store!  You can check out My Store Guides for WalgreensCVS and Rite Aid. Plus you can watch my Grocery store video, where I show you some tips and tricks for saving at the grocery store (you can even see Overage)!
  • Join the Store’s Rewards Savings Card Programs (for example, shopper’s card at CVS, Rite Aid, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, etc)
  • Get a copy of the store’s Weekly Sales Ad (in Sunday Paper or online) and Match Sale Items with Coupons! Make sure to check Super Coupon Lady for Weekly Sales Ad Deals for WalgreensCVSRite AidWalmart, Dollar Tree and Target (Keep checking back for more to be added! If there’s a match-up you’d like to see, let me know)
  • Make sure to check my weekly Shop for Free List, where I show you what you can score using coupons in stores all across the county.
  • Make a Shopping List, Budget and Stick to it! Unless you find a Freebie!
  • Take BABY STEPS! Learning to coupon is a process, the more you do it the better you get at it! Remember every coupon you use saves you money! This is lots of FUN! I’m super excited that you are here and ready to join in this Money Saving Adventure!

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