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Welcome to the SuperCouponLady Facebook page! If you are a veteran to this page or new to this page we are happy you are here! We are super excited to save some money in the New Year!
Start with this Couponing 101 VIDEO! If you can’t see video, go HERE to watch it!

I’ve created a Couponing Guide HERE that I think will be useful to Everyone! Make sure to familiarize yourself with this to save lots of money!

See more Money Saving Videos on YouTube/SuperCouponLady! 


I recommend and encourage everyone to create a sensible stockpile! That means to buy the items your family uses/eats regularly when they are on sale and you use coupon(s) to buy those items so you are getting them for rock bottom prices! Buy enough to last until they go on sale again (about 4-6 weeks worth). Read more about creating a Stockpile and why you should do it in this post HERE!


*Make sure to join us on the SuperCouponLady Facebook page! I share lots of deals and tips. Also it’s a great community to be a part of to learn more about how to save money!

*Consider shopping at Discount Grocery Stores! One of my favorites is Aldi, you can see the items I recommend and don’t recommend buying there in this Video!


*Shopping Apps are a convenient and easy way to save money! See my top 5 favorite shopping apps!

*Quick Tips to Save Money on Your Phone Bill, Secrets to Lowering your Cable Bill, Ways to Lower your Electric Bill, and more Budgeting tip HERE!

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