Save Money with a Staycation!

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A Staycation is like a vacation, only you spend it at home – or at least in your own town. So this Summer, instead of spending lots of money on airfare and expensive hotels, you will be taking time to enjoy local attractions that you’ve probably heard about but not had the chance to enjoy.

The Great Outdoors

If the weather is nice, try going outside! National parks, state parks, and nature cents are all great ideas for enjoying nature on your Staycation. The best part about parks is that most of them are free! Pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors with your family. You can go hiking on the trails, or even rent a campground space, bring a tent, and “rough it”.

Resources: and to find national and state parks.

Stay Inside

If the weather is not so nice, or maybe you just want to stay inside, try local attractions such as history, art, and science museums, or even aquariums and planetariums.

Go on a Safari

Well, an actual safari would be quite expensive (unless you already live in Africa, perhaps), so why not create your own at your local zoo? Search the Association of Zoos & Aquariums website if you aren’t sure where the nearest zoo is.

Make it even more fun by printing off scavenger hunt worksheets and dressing up as tourists (Hawaiian shirts and all)!

Get Moving

During the summer, try your local swimming pool, golf course, or even skating rink. You can go for a bike ride around town or play soccer in the field at the park. Go for fun things that you’ve always wanted to try but have never taken the time to do so.

Have a Blast

Visit the local amusement or water park and act like a kid again! Your kids will have a blast, and so will you. Remember to pack a sack lunch, amusement park food is outrageously expensive!

Be a Tourist

If you live in Chicago but have never visited the Willis Tower, now’s the time to take advantage of living in such an awesome city! Maybe you’ve never ridden the double decker bus that goes through downtown. Perhaps you live in St. Louis and have never been inside the Arch. Wherever you live, you can get a Free Online Visitor’s Guide, look up the closest big city and search online for tourist attractions. Hit one up that you’ve never been to before!

Stay Home

If you don’t want to get out and about, stay home and have a Movie Day (or night!). Rent some movies from Redbox (or pull up Netflix on the Xbox), get some popcorn and candy, and make a day of just lounging around. Let each family member pick a movie and snack. Order pizza for dinner, and continue vegging through the evening. 🙂

A Staycation can be just as much fun as a regular vacation, so don’t let the older kids tell you it’s “lame”. A Staycation can be even more rewarding than an actual vacation because there is no travel (stress!), and it costs a lot less money.

I love this site that gives you ideas for Staycations, such as Creating Italy, Africa, and New York at home!

Are you planning a Staycation this summer?! Let us know what things you will be doing!

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