20 Ways to Save Money when Living Paycheck to Paycheck!

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20 Ways to Save Money when Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Everyone has been in a position at some point in their life where they are living paycheck to paycheck. With rising food and gas costs, tuition costs, and rising taxes, it is getting harder and harder to make that weekly paycheck last. If an unexpected emergency comes up, like a broken furnace or leaky roof, you might find yourself set back even further. Living paycheck to paycheck can be scary, but believe it or not there are ways to get ahead. If you are looking for ways to live better between paychecks and and develop a safety cushion, read these tips for 20 ways to save money when living paycheck to paycheck!

You don’t need a huge income, or to starve yourself in order to save money between paychecks. Take a look at how simple it can be to get ahead. In fact, why not bring the whole family in on your plan and make it a family affair? There is strength in numbers and you can be an excellent support to each other and your long term goals.

20 Ways to save money when living paycheck to paycheck . . .

1.  Redefine wants and needs by making a clear list. Post this list where it is easily seen.
2.  Create a budget and stick to it, keeping long term goals in mind.
3.  Do you really need cable?! Or can you do with less cable?! Secrets to Lowering your Cable Bill and save that extra money!
4. You really can save lots of money on your phone bill. Here are some Quick Tips to Save Money on Your Phone Bill, make sure to put that extra money you save aside.
5. Use any extra time you have in your day to increase your income. Babysit, pick up a paper route, etc. Make sure to check out these Legitimate Earn Money from Home!
6. Start saving small amounts. Even $2, $5, $10 a month add up! If you break dollar bills, commit to putting any change you have leftover in a jar. This will really add up!
7. Teach yourself a new skill such as sewing, crafting or painting then try to make a little extra money off of it. Make money from your craft hobbies by selling them on Etsy (learn more HERE)
8. Save cans and recycle them when you need a few extra bucks or just to save a little extra cash.
9. Trade in DVDs or video games at a game exchange shop for cash to set aside as cushion.
10. Instead of giving away your children’s clothing, take it to a consignment shop or sell on Ebay (learn more HERE) and get some cash or a store credit.
11. Have extra room in your garage? Rent it out for extra income.
12. Use COUPONS to save money on your food budget. Make sure to read my New to Couponing Post HERE!
13. Save your tax return, don’t spend it! Make sure you are getting the post from your tax return. Make sure to check out my post on 5 Tax Savvy Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Tax Refund!
14. Line dry clothes if the weather permits.
15. Drink water instead of buying juice or soda.
16. Shop yard sales and thrift stores for every day items such as dishes and clothing. Why not also have your own Yard Sale!? Make it a success by first reading How to have a Successful Garage Sale!
17. Barter services with friends. Can you clean a home well? Offer to clean for them in exchange for a lawn mowing. Trade off babysitting each other kids, this will help you save money since you won’t have to pay a babysitter.
18. Sell your extra clutter on Craigslist or Ebay.
19. Grow a garden to get your produce.
20. Stay positive and faithful to yourself and your goals!

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Suppose you chose just 10 of these tips and saved $5.00 with each one. That is $50.00! Do that each year, and you have saved $600.00! See how quickly the savings can add up? It is important to keep a positive mind set and not look at these tasks as troublesome or difficult, but an adventure that will take you to the pot of gold waiting for you at the end.

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and find the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Pick a few of these tips and give them a try! As you get more comfortable, add a few more. Watch the savings add up and your quality of life improve. You just might be surprised how easy and rewarding it really is!

Want more?

Why not learn how to create a debt snowball?

Have you ever heard of a debt snowball? Here is how to create one and make your way to financial freedom.


  • A debt snowball is when you list out your debts and arrange them in order from smallest balance at the top to largest at the bottom.
  • Then focus on the debt at the top, putting as much as you can into it, even if it’s just $40-50 extra.
  • When that amount is paid off, you get to celebrate!
  • Then take the total amount you were paying (say $70 minimum payment plus the $50 extra for a total of $120) and add that to the minimum payment of the NEXT largest debt.
  • Continue this process, with your extra amount snowballing as you go along, until you pay off all your debts.

This can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, but just think how it is worth it!  Good luck!

Let us know what little things you do to save money! Leave a comment below!