10 Ways To Prepare a Child for a New Sibling

A new baby can bring so much joy to a family! There is so much excitement in the air and everyone can’t help but feel giddy! However, even in all of this joy, a brother or sister of the new baby due to arrive might be feeling slighted. A new baby can make a child feel anxious or confused, and they may not be prepared for all of the changes coming to their household. If you are expecting a new baby and looking for ways to help the new sibling adapt, you will want to read these 10 Ways To Prepare a Child for a New Sibling.

Read, relax, and then give them a try! Then, instead of fighting for the coveted position as the only child of the family, the child then becomes part of the family unit that’s welcoming this new baby! It is a win win! To get you started on this transition, here are ten tips to facilitate sibling bonding instead of sibling rivalry, right from the start!

10 Ways To Prepare a Child for a New Sibling:

1. Cultivate a Relationship
Encourage a blossoming  relationship between your older child and your partner throughout the pregnancy. When you’re holding the new baby for long periods of time, you will want your older child to be excited about spending time with Dad. This way it is looked at as special time, not being brushed aside.

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